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  • Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) says children without legal representation are five times more likely to be deported. 

    “There should be a public defender system for children,” said Kristie-Ann Padrón, an attorney with Catholic Charities, a nonprofit that took Arlin and her brother’s case for free. “They are not legally competent to sign a contract. How could they be expected to represent themselves in court?”

    Padrón says, if deported, some of the children have nothing to go back to.

    “Some were suffering from gang violence’” she said.

    With the help of Catholic Charities, Arlin and her brother won their asylum case.

    Three years have passed, he’s an honors student in high school. Arlin has learned English and works as a supervisor at a movie theatre while she gets her degree.

    “I’m doing mechanical engineering and I want to work with the NASA,” Arlin said.

    The NBC6 Investigators spent time in immigration court. We spoke with several kids who were facing a Miami judge alone without representation. They told us in Spanish that they fear being deported back.

    Most immigration judges we saw in Miami tried to get unaccompanied minors help with non-profit attorneys but those organizations say there just isn’t enough free legal aid to meet the demand.

    They say they are always looking for attorneys willing to donate their services.

    " name="&lpos=navigation hover&lid=thousands of immigrant children face a judge without an attorney">Thousands of Immigrant Children Face a Judge Without an Attorney
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Broward Sending Out Absentee Ballots for General Election
125,000 ballots to be sent to voters Tuesday
BY Julia Bagg and Brian Hamacher

Two truckloads of absentee ballots were delivered to the Broward Supervisor of Elections Tuesday as they prepare to send them out to voters in the General Election.

"This is a big day for us in Broward County, it's an opportunity for us to get our first major drop of absentee ballots in the mail," Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said.

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In past elections, they've only needed one 18-wheeler to haul the ballots from the U.S. Post Office, but with more than 111,000 absentee ballots scheduled to be mailed out, it took two trucks to make the delivery, Snipes said.

Snipes said she expects to have at least 125,000 absentee ballots in the mail by the end of Tuesday. Last Friday, Miami-Dade sent 172,000 absentee ballots out to voters.

Voters in both counties have until Oct. 31 to request an absentee ballot but Tuesday is last day to register to vote in the General Election on Nov. 6.

For more voting information visit the Miami-Dade Elections Department here or the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office here.

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