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  • Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) says children without legal representation are five times more likely to be deported. 

    “There should be a public defender system for children,” said Kristie-Ann Padrón, an attorney with Catholic Charities, a nonprofit that took Arlin and her brother’s case for free. “They are not legally competent to sign a contract. How could they be expected to represent themselves in court?”

    Padrón says, if deported, some of the children have nothing to go back to.

    “Some were suffering from gang violence’” she said.

    With the help of Catholic Charities, Arlin and her brother won their asylum case.

    Three years have passed, he’s an honors student in high school. Arlin has learned English and works as a supervisor at a movie theatre while she gets her degree.

    “I’m doing mechanical engineering and I want to work with the NASA,” Arlin said.

    The NBC6 Investigators spent time in immigration court. We spoke with several kids who were facing a Miami judge alone without representation. They told us in Spanish that they fear being deported back.

    Most immigration judges we saw in Miami tried to get unaccompanied minors help with non-profit attorneys but those organizations say there just isn’t enough free legal aid to meet the demand.

    They say they are always looking for attorneys willing to donate their services.

    " name="&lpos=navigation hover&lid=thousands of immigrant children face a judge without an attorney">Thousands of Immigrant Children Face a Judge Without an Attorney
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Marco Rubio and Craig Romney Hold Rally at FIU
Rubio and Romney's son attend 'Student Victory Rally' in Miami

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney's son Craig attended a rally at Florida International University in Miami Friday.

About 200 people gathered at the "Student Victory Rally" at FIU's College of Law atrium.

"My dad was a forum in Miami and a student asked him a quetion and said, 'I just graduated. I have all this debt. What are you gonna do for me?' I think she expected him to say we'll fogive your debt, give you another loan. But he said 'I'm not gonna give you any more money. That's not gonna help you. What I'm gonna do is help you find a job," Romney said.

Student Claudia Navarro said she's voting for Romney.

Craig Romney on Why Mitt Is a Great Father

Craig Romney on Why Mitt Is a Great Father

Craig Romney on Why Mitt Is a Great Father

"We're Going To Do It With Florida," Ann Romney Predicts

"We're Going To Do It With Florida," Ann Romney Predicts

"We're Going To Do It With Florida," Ann Romney Predicts

"I happen to be an Independent but I'm voting for Romney because I think we deserve some change in 2012. It's been four years. So, change is good," she said.

Craig Romney was in South Florida Thursday night, attending a vice presidential debate watch party at an Irish pub in Coral Gables with Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart.

NBC 6 Viewers: Biden Beat Ryan at VP Debate

Earlier in the day, Mitt Romney's wife Ann visited sick children at the Chris Evert Children's Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

President Barack Obama was also in South Florida Thursday for a grassroots event at the University of Miami and a fundraiser at the JW Marriott Marquis.

The Florida blitz came as a new Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll shows Romney with a large lead over Obama, largely thanks to the GOP challenger's performance in last week's presidential debate. The poll shows Romney with a 51-44 lead over Obama in Florida, a crucial swing state in the 2012 election.

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