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Family of 12 Forced To Cancel Cruise Vacation After Members Test Positive for Covid

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A family of 12 hoped to leave Port Miami for their annual cruise Sunday, but plans quickly changed when some of them tested positive for Covid.

“It was finally booked a month and a half ago but we’ve been talking about it for longer than that,” CJ Leoni said. “We've just been waiting for the right time to book it.” 

“We haven’t cruised in a while,” Brooke Leoni said.

Now, Brooke and CJ Leoni and their family will have to wait a little while longer before sailing the seas.

“We were going on a big family trip with all my siblings, my parents, my uncles and it all had to be cancelled because all of us contracted Covid,”' CJ Leoni said. 

The Leoni’s were excited about visiting Royal Caribbean's private island in Nassau and just a break in general from life and Covid, something they’ve been actively trying to avoid.

“I’ve been very safe. I’m always wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, on top of other people making sure they’re following protocols and I’m the one that got it," CJ Leoni said.

But thankfully their symptoms are not all that bad.

“This literally feels like the smallest cold ever,” Brooke Leoni said.

Despite cruise lines taking preventive measures, a third ship has reported an outbreak in a week.

This time it’s the Carnival Freedom but Carnival hasn’t disclosed the number of positive cases.

Onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, dozens also tested positive, 55 people on the Odyssey of the Seas and another 48 Covid cases last week on the Symphony of the Seas.

“I had a feeling that could be the case and that it could happen on the cruise. You might get stuck on the boat. You don’t know the situation. At least we got it stateside so we were able to quarantine at home," CJ Leoni said.

The Leoni’s say they’ll spend New Year’s Eve eating stone crabs and are already thinking about cashing in their refund for their cancelled trip.

“They’ve been very understanding,” CJ Leoni said. “They gave us a full refund so that worked out nicely but we were very excited to get on that cruise.”

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