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Gas Prices Not Stopping Floridians Hitting the Road for Thanksgiving

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Millions of Floridians are hitting the road to get home in time for some turkey and while high gas prices aren’t stopping many, they’re still feeling the pain.

“We fill it like four times coming over here, took me like $400 to get here," one driver said. 

Cross-country road trips are sometimes more costly than plane tickets.

“We came from Cleveland to Miami, bought a semi now we’re heading back," another driver said.

So how much is that round trip?

"About $800 and that is we put $500 in that truck a little bit ago,” the driver said. 

Drivers filling up before heading home for the holidays are facing all-time high prices and AAA says these gas prices will be the most expensive in eight years. 

The average price in Florida is $3.36 per gallon.

AAA says the average cost to fill a tank will be around $50 for a 15 gallon tank. That’s $13 more than what drivers paid in 2019. 

“Very expensive. I’ve got semis too, so not much of a choice,” a driver said.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced a relief plan, tapping 50 millions barrels of oil hoping to drive down the high prices in the next two weeks.

It’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but not one we’ll see during the busiest travel day of the year. 

“It’s kind of the Friday afternoon traffic that you get on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so yeah, it’s a little rough,” another traveler said.

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