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Hell Yeah! Cussing Helps You Withstand Pain



    Hell Yeah! Cussing Helps You Withstand Pain
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    In retrospect, researchers wished they'd had the undergraduates use this device.

    In a study that falls into the realm of "I really wish I hadn't volunteered for that," scientists have discovered that cussing your ever-loving head off can actually help lessen pain.

    Of course, researchers at Keele University’s School of Psychology used undergrads to test the theory. Stupid undergrads; they'll volunteer for anything if it helps them make up for sleeping in class.

    The crux of the study was the "ice water test," where 64 undergraduate volunteers thrust their hands into buckets of ice water for as long as they could stand it, while repeating the cuss word of their choice. There must have been some big smiles as other faculty members walked by the lab.

    Then, the same undergrad volunteers had to repeat the test, this time saying a common word they would use to describe a table, like "brown" or "wood."

    Scientists found that swearing helped students keep their hands in the ice water longer, Reuters reported. They believe that swearing activates your natural fight-or-flight response, triggering an emotional and physical reaction that increases aggression and pain tolerance.

    Regardless of what the findings really mean, you have to admit, it was a brilliant move by faculty to get back at their lackadaisical undergrads. We just wonder if "ice watering" really constitutes torture.