Decode My Dream: I'm Dreaming But I Feel Awake!

“I’ve had a couple of dreams lately where at some point in my dream I become aware that I am dreaming. I don’t wake up, but I actually feel awake and can control my thoughts as I do when I’m awake. For example, I’ve had a reoccurring dream where I am in my childhood bedroom (I haven’t lived there for 20 years) and I see myself sleeping on the bed and the room looks exactly the way it did when I was 8. I see the ceiling fan above me and I look down and notice that I am asleep on the bed. Then I tell myself that I am dreaming and I that I can fly because it’s just a dream. And then I float up really easily toward the ceiling and enjoy my flight. What does this mean? It’s weirding me out.” —Wide Awake Fast Asleep

No need to be weirded out, in fact, what you’re experiencing is called lucid dreaming and it can be a really powerful thing. The characteristics of a lucid dream are that we think like we normally do (as opposed to the crazy logic we exhibit in regular dreams), that the dream occurs in “real time,” that we remember the dream very vividly, and most importantly, we are aware that we are dreaming. Some dream analysts and mystics believe that all of life is a dream but our conscious mind just gets in the way. So, some think of lucid dreaming as a natural progression in human consciousness.  The Hindus and Buddhists think that the more enlightened you are the more you are able to maintain an even stream of consciousness by existing in a constant state of meditation. Some other esoteric teachings say that highly enlightened beings use lucid dreaming as a way to appear in human form in many different places at once. Some very trippy stuff for sure.

Whether you believe in any of that or not, the occurrence of lucid dreaming does indicate a growth in consciousness; your unconscious mind is communicating with your conscious mind. This is exciting because the more lucid dreams you have, the more you can start controlling your dream life. That means the ability to face things that scare you or explore things that make you happy. Want to face a demon in your dream, talk things out with an ex, reunite with a loved one that has passed, or visit Spain? Do it in your dreams! These symbols, especially the frightening ones, once confronted, often lose their power. This could only have a positive effect on your life, leading you to deeper levels of self-knowledge. We can control our daydreams, so why not our dreams at night?

Onto your actual dream: I think that the symbols in your dream seem to reinforce this message that you are evolving as a person. You are in your childhood bedroom, but you are grown up. I see that as an indicator that you are ready to take an honest look at the things that you experienced in your childhood and how they affect you as an adult. At eight years old, almost anything, including the power of flight, seems possible. But then life happens, things get in the way, and you begin to stop believing. And here you are now, 20 years later, revisiting that child-like wonder as an adult and you seem to be saying, “Anything really is possible in my life.” And it’s not just a dream message – you actually know that it’s true! Your life is taking flight through this realization.

A word of advice: take advantage of this gift (it is a gift) and use your power to the best of your ability. Look inside the deep recesses of your unconscious mind and face who you are—good and bad. Nothing is holding you back now. Enjoy the flight!

Have you had any crazy dreams lately? Dying to know what their hidden meaning is? No need to rush to your therapist’s office, The Dreamweaver is here to help. Email me your funniest, weirdest, wildest, and wackiest dreams and I’ll tell you what’s going on.

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