Got iPhone? Get Skinny

A California man wants to turn your iPhone into a personal health tracker.

Michael Williams with  iTMP Technology said  the new application called “SmHeart Link” can help you lose weight and stay in shape.
The application is basically a wireless bridge that collects data from sensors (like heart monitors or those you'd find on workout machines) and then sends that information to your iPhone via Wi-Fi. Then you can upload the information to track your training progress in detail.

Williams said he came up with the idea because he couldn’t find anything like it to organize his health information as he tried to lose about 50 pounds so he could ditch his medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The application is available at the iTunes App Store for free, but the SmHeart Link device does cost about $150.

The SmHeart Link works with several heart monitor chest straps, including ones made by Polar, Garmin, Nike, Reebok, Timex Ironman, New Balance, and Numetrex. It's also compatible with biking sensors to track speed, cadence, and power. 

By the way, Williams is now at his ideal weight, doesn’t take any medications, and regularly goes on three-hour bike rides around his hometown of Santa Barbara on weekends.  And yes, he’s hooked up to the SmHeart Link device when he does it.

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