Monday Motivation

Get a weekly dose of motivation! From little changes to big picture goals, we've got friendly reminders to help get healthy.

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Get a weekly dose of motivation. Here are some reminders we have up in our office. What are your health goals?
The weekend is over and you're counting days until the next one. Try getting some more shut-eye to feel rested and sane for the day at hand.
Talk about sanity, stop rushing and take some time to yourself. You deserve it!
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We both know that if you don't do it first thing, you're going to find a dozen excuses not to do it later. So get off your duff and do it now!
Don't be a couch potato. Be a couch hard body. Use TV time as a chance to get in some exercise.
Want to know the secret to controlling snacking? Don't bring crap inside the house. Go through your cabinets to get rid of the junk in your kitchen and the junk in your trunk.
But it's late and I'm tired and I don't wanna!!! Well, do it anyway because nighttime is the perfect time for nasty bacteria to have a fun fest in your mouth. You'll still have morning breath, but it won't be as stank-ass.
Ah, water. You are so much better for us than soda. Why do we forsake you? No more!
Eyes may be the gateway to the soul. They are also the gateway to the stomach. Studies show that people who use smaller plates eat less, but feel just as full. Start fooling your stomach by fooling your eyes.
Yeah, those 15 Double Stuffs you downed secretively at your desk last week? It happens to the best of us. But try not to do it again.
Here's an alternate idea... baby carrots. They may not be as sweet as Oreos, but they're still sweet. We swear!
There's always the option of scarfing down a meal like a rabid wolf, but don't you want to remember what all those years of evolution were for anyway?
Just seeing the word makes us breathe in deeply, let our shoulders drop and feel more centered.
The best way to get your vitamins is to eat them, but adding in a daily multivitamin is a healthy habit. Open up and say "ah."
We all know it's bad. Why wait? Resolve to quit today.
Start the year off right with some relaxing yoga, meditation, or just plain time outs. Taking a few moments to stretch and breathe is ALWAYS a good idea.
Remember that exercise DVD you bought 2 months ago because you thought it would be fun to learn? The one that's collecting dust as a coaster in your living room? Pull it out and give it a shot this week.
A 2-fer... the fearlessly honest "Less Booze" and an unintentional "Refresh Yourself." Both worthy... perhaps one a bit easier than the other!
Don't let the economy take its toll on your medical care. Seriously. Whether you want preventative care or need to sort out a nagging issue, make an appointment today. Book now for a 2009 appointment and you can capitalize on your flex spending account in the new year.
Green tea has powerful antioxidants and provides a healthy boost. Drink it when you can. But don't worry, we won't mess with your morning coffee.
What were your New Year's resolutions? Lose weight? Get healthier? Well, it's got to start somewhere. Break up your goals into bite sized chunks... like eating your veggies. Can you swing 5-a-day?
You need to go. You know you need to go. So go. Seriously. Stop reading and go!
Wise words. Fruit is hydrating, nutritious, delicious, and full of fiber. And yet we still have a candy jar. Go figure.
Water: An old chestnut. It's vital. Whether you go for tap or bottled, fizzy or flat... Drink it. DRINK IT, WE SAY!
Pilates is great for your core - the group of muscles in your things up through your stomach and back. They are a core-nerstone of fitness.
Oh java. You are a wiley mistress. So warm, so frothy, so eye-opening. But perhaps my love for you is too strong.
Help your posture and look like your paying attention. Not to worry, you don't actually have to pay attention, but sitting up straight makes you appear alert as well as being good for your back and neck.
Indulge yourself. Get a rubdown. If money is as tight as your muscles, ask a significant other to rub your shoulders. And if it leads to something more, just remember that sex alleviates stress. (Oh YEAH.) (PS - I didn't win either.)
Ix-nay on the levator-ey. And while you're at it... nix the escalator, too. Taking the stairs will give you a boost.
Fiber is an important part of your diet. Not only does it help fill you up when you eat, but it also helps keep you... regular (aka: pooping properly).
Eating au naturale is good for your body. Avoid processed foods and go for food the way nature intended.
The best way to get your vitamins is to eat them, but adding in a daily multivitamin is a healthy habit. Open up and say "ah."
Love... and endorphins... they make us feel so good. Love can also lead to a more positive attitude, which helps reduce stress. Have a great week!
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