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We live in a digital era where you can complete an exhaustive list of tasks with just a click: buy any item, book flights, purchase tickets, even make virtual visits to places you would have never seen before. More importantly, you can use technology to take charge of your health.

Telemedicine lets you see a doctor from your computer, mobile phone or tablet for your non-emergency, minor medical concerns in real-time. Here are the reasons why swapping an in-person visit for a virtual visit with a primary care physician (PCP) can be beneficial.

Have an appointment anywhere
When it comes to planning a doctor’s visit, getting there is half the battle. Whether an inability to leave the office, a lack of a vehicle, physical limitations or limited public transportation options, many patients skip their doctor’s appointments due to traveling difficulties. But these limitations and lack of resources should not mean you have to sacrifice a clean bill of health.

Telemedicine is a superb alternative and is a fast, worry-free way to get the help you need through a host of apps and websites that allow you to video chat with a physician from the convenience of your home, office, or even a cafe. Your options are endless.

No wasted sick days
Scheduling a doctor’s appointment is often a catch-22. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, you’re at the mercy of your doctor’s availability—not your work schedule. In fact, a 2017 Merritt Hawkins survey found that Americans wait on average 24 days to get a physician’s appointment in 15 major metropolitan areas.

If you can’t fit a doctor’s visit into your hectic schedule, telemedicine platforms like MemorialDOCNow by Memorial Healthcare System give you access to a healthcare specialist 24/7 that works with YOUR schedule. Now you don't have to wait to get an appointment. You can get it right when you need it, anytime.

With this digital alternative to patient care, illnesses such as the flu or pinkeye can be treated quickly and efficiently without the added stress of taking a sick day to make the next available appointment.

Easier access to providers
Can’t find a local doctor to treat your specific condition? Don’t worry. With telemedicine platforms you have access to a host of services and good specialist at your fingertips. This innovative technology allows doctors to discuss your medical history, give you accurate diagnoses, and write prescriptions, if necessary.

Less chance of catching the bug that’s going around
Studies show that one sneeze can travel up to 200 feet. Whether it’s a young child sneezing, or the patient with the 102-degree fever sitting next to you in the waiting room—your doctor’s’ office is a breeding ground for common illnesses.

Getting a diagnosis and prescription from the comfort of your couch or desk minimizes the chances of exposure to harmful elements that could delay your recovery.

Wherever you are is your new waiting room
Whether it’s the smell of disinfectant or the anticipation of getting your routine check-up out of the way, sitting in the waiting room of your doctor’s office can be an anxious experience, especially when you’ve made an appointment in advance.

A recent survey found that roughly 1 in 4 patients have even delayed seeing a doctor because it takes too long.

On most telemedicine portals or apps, skip the waiting room and opt for your bedroom, work cafeteria or local library where the average wait time for an appointment is only 10 minutes versus 30 to 90 minutes in most doctors’ offices.

Healthcare won’t be such a cost burden
When it comes to healthcare, we are expected to invest more than our time. For a lot of Americans, money is a huge factor to take into consideration before a doctor’s visit, especially for families with children.

One big advantage of virtual visits is that you save money on gas and parking or public transportation. Your health should be a top priority and for roughly the same cost as an in-person visit, you can keep it that way while saving money.

Ready to receive medical care without setting foot in an actual doctor’s office? MemorialDOCNow is a one-stop telemedicine platform launched by Memorial Healthcare System that helps you manage your health easily and affordably. Visit for more information on how to sign up.

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