Nevada Brothel Owners Want To Legalize Male Prostitution

In Nevada, land of legal prostitution, there are currently 25 legal sex houses—and all of them are staffed by women to serve men. But what happens in Vegas, may now be happening for the ladies! According to a report from the Nevada Brothel Association, a number of their fine establishments are looking to add some studs to their employee rosters. If there was ever a reason for feminism, it’s got to be this chance to even the score. Why should men get to be the only ones who can buy themselves some sexy time?

The recent push for gigolos was started by madams feeling the pinch of the recession. After seeing a 50% drop in “sales,” Ms. Bobbi Davis, owner of The Shady Lady, has taken it upon herself to lead the fight for this new business opportunity. But it will take some legal rangling, since most of the health codes on the state’s books pertaining to the trade are female specific. How are they going to give gigolos mandatory cervical exams?

Also, the marketing for the guys will be different. For one thing, the time allotted per client is longer. You know, we girls like to take it slow. (Hopefully, the Brothel Association won’t!) Plus, the rates are going to be lower: $500 for two hours, $2,000 for a sleepover. Hope the boys are as easy on the eyes as they are on the wallet!

In the meantime, as the kinks get worked out, the Shady Lady’s proprietress is on the prowl for male prostitutes and her age range is pretty wide considering most of the current working girls—she wants stallions between the ages of 30 and 50. “Look at George Clooney, he’s 50 and he’s still considered a very sexy man. Women don’t consider a man washed up by the time he’s 50,” Davis says in defense of her help wanted ad. Mm, Clooney sounds like the perfect stimulus package. But no matter who she finds, we’re sure they’ll be plenty of satisfied customers. [WBBM]

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