Never Too Old for Fitness

South Florida seniors learn that they're never too old to enhance their life through fitness

Being active has changed the lives of many seniors, proving it’s never too late for fitness.

76-year-old Maureen Sanchez used to be sedentary. Now, three times a week , she participates in the Enhance Fitness program at St. Andrews Towers in Coral Springs. It’s designed for people over age 55 and incorporates cardio, weights and stretching in each hour-long class.

Washington State University researchers, who created the program, looked at results after 16 weeks and found participants had fewer doctor visits, decreased their medications and felt less social isolation.

68-year-old Dolly Carapazza has been living with lupus for 30 years. Enhance Fitness got her out of a downward spiral. She was using oxygen 20 hours a day and taking more than 20 pills. Now, after nine months in this program, Dolly is an instructor and only uses oxygen during strenuous exercise.

Participants pay just $10 a month to attend classes three times a week.

Grants for Health Foundation of South Florida have helped launch Enhance Fitness programs from Deerfield to Key West.

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