Peas to the Rescue

Peas may help reduce hypertension and protect against kidney disease

The common garden pea may provide the next big weapon against high blood pressure. 

Proteins taken from the yellow garden pea already reduced hypertension by 20 percent in lab animals, according to researchers at the University of Manitoba in Canada.   The pea protein drug also may protect against kidney disease, which is one of the deadliest complications of hypertension.

"This is significant because a majority of CKD patients actually die from cardiovascular complications that arise from the high blood pressure associated with kidney malfunction," said researcher Rotimi Aluko.

Aluko stressed that eating peas alone won't provide the benefit.  They must be processed with an enzyme to have the desired effect.

The next step?  Human studies are scheduled to begin in the next year.   Aluko's study was presented at the American Chemical Society's national meeting in Salt Lake City.

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