Weight Watcher: Ruby Hits the Streets

Her name is Ruby and she lives in Savannah, Georgia.

If you caught last season’s “Ruby” on the Style network, then you already know the sweet, sassy and nearly 500-pound Ruby Gettinger. To watch the show is to feel like you know her. "Ruby" gives you an intimate look at her struggle with weight – why she gained it, how she’s losing it, and how it’s changing her life.

This summer you could have a chance to get to meet Ruby in person.

As part of her mission to raise awareness of the obesity epidemic, Ruby is embarking on a “Walk Across America.” From New York to Los Angeles and several stops between, Ruby hopes to bring together people who face weight-loss challenges of their own.

By walking with people around the nation and sharing her own weight-loss journey, Ruby’s ultimate goal is to put a face on obesity and inspire others to take action.

Take a walk with Ruby this summer and get on the road toward a healthier life.  

All of the walks with Ruby will be free, open to the public and will welcome individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Click here for more information.

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