The Best Way to Get an Instant Eyelift

Getting your eyebrows waxed is the best way to get an instant eyelift, according to Elise Danh, licensed cosmetologist and esthetician.

I don’t know about the rest of my fellow female counterparts out there but when it comes to eyebrows I am a stickler – I cannot stand messy brows. It’s a pet peeve. No bush on these brows.

Although that may sound a bit vain, I swear I am not high maintenance. I am light on the makeup and love the weekend - not because of the break from work, but because I don’t have to wear heels. I'm the sort of gal who would probably choose a game of tackle football over a trip to the mall.

Eyebrows, though, are my weakness. They need to look good. If they look off, I feel off. (Please, I know I’m not the only woman who feels this way!)

So, I chatted with Elise Danh about what is right and wrong, good and bad in the eyebrow realm. And, I came out of the conversation with some great tips especially if you want to save some money and do the waxing at home, on your own.

Danh uses hard, microwavable wax that you can pick up at almost any beauty salon. You don’t need to use a cloth; the wax dries right on your eye and then you pull it right off.

There are three main points that make up the eyebrow: the head (or starting point), the arch, and the tail (or the end point). Finding these points are key to a well-shaped brow.

Click here to see actual illustrations of how you can determine the head, arch, and tail of your eyebrow. And, get some extra tips while you’re at it.

Overall, your eyebrow should be fuller in the head and thin out to the tail.The arch is what lifts the eye. Danh waxes the tail (or end) of the eyebrow first in order to create the arch.

Using a highlighting pencil to help give a "lift" to the eye area as well as to brighten and enhance the eye area will complement the eyebrow waxing and also can help "cheat" the look of a lift before their next waxing too.

And if waxing isn't your thing, there's always precision plucking.

Messy, bushy eyebrows will no longer defeat me, and there’s no reason they should defeat you either.

Elise Thuy-Hang Danh is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. Click here to read more about Elise in "The Face Behind the Make-Up"

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