These Boots Were Made for Jumping

Exercise trend is hopping in Miami


The Kardashian sisters have been spotted hopping around Miami Beach on Kangoo Jumps. It looks like a roller blade boot but the bottom has a spring contraption instead of wheels.

Of course, I had to try on a pair. At first, it’s kind of hard to keep your balance. When you walk it feels like you’re on moving trampolines.

On Hollywood Beach instructor Sandra Bassett holds Kangoo Boot Camps. If you can’t stand the summer heat, try an indoor class at Memorial Regional Fitness Center.

Women who were working out with these boots describe it as low-impact, intense and fun. Prices for the boots start at $219. For $20 you can take the class and borrow a pair, so you can try before you buy. To find out if there are any classes in you area go to:

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