This Is Why You're Fat

Belly up to this website, home to photos of the world's most fattening foods

There's chicken-fried bacon with ranch gravy; bacon-wrapped meatloaf with a layer of mac and cheese; a ham sandwich topped with no less than 11 eggs, sunny side up; a 7-pound hamburger--- of course. And anything that you can imagine battered and deep-fried: cupcakes, Tootsie Rolls, Oreos, oh my.

This Is Why You're Fat is just that: A gallery of photos of over-the-top, desperately fattening culinary concoctions sent in by users all across the country (and, we imagine, the world - but really, where else are you going to find a 7-pound hamburger, Tuscany?). The site's slug, "Where dreams become heart attacks," is fairly apt, and while some images are frankly disgusting (junk-food pizza? Is that entirely necessary?) some make our arteries shudder with excitement. We're looking at you, chocolate-dipped bacon.

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