Wake-Up Routine May Reduce Stroke Risk

A new study published by the American Heart Association shows coffee may reduce the risk of stroke in women.

The 24-year study analyzed 83,000 women who had no history of stroke. Women who drank four cups of coffee per day has a 20 percent reduced risk of stroke compared to those who had less than a cup a month.

"If you love coffee, there you go -- some reassurance," said Dr. Karla Lee, a cardiologist at Baylor Grapevine.

The study also found that the benefits of coffee were much greater for nonsmokers. The women who drank four cups a day and were not smokers saw a 43 percent reduction in stroke risk.

But drinking too much coffee can also have adverse effects, Lee said.

"It increases the risk of insomnia, which is prevalent, (and) increases your risk of palpitations, which I see quite a few of," she said.

Lee recommends drinking two to three cups of joe -- coffee, not other caffeinated drinks -- a day.

Courtney Buzbee, who drinks three cups of coffee a day, said the study was good news.

"I don't plan on drinking anymore, but it just validates that I need it," she said. "I don't plan on stopping."

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