What Your Sex Numbers Say About You

Sex 911: Confessions of a Serial Dater

Everyone would like to think they're good in the sack -- especially dudes. It's an ego thing. Similarly, guys don't want their girls to be lame in bed either. You may be thinking, "Not me, pal. My girlfriend is crazy-freaky in bed!" Well, good for you. You're one of the lucky ones. But it raises a good question: how do you think she got that way?

As much as you'd like to think you're the all-masterful sex teacher, chances are she had a little experience in learning those positions that could make a gymnast blush way before you came along. Wait, don't panic just yet. It's not that bad.

The amount of sexual partners you've had are your "numbers." Everyone's got 'em. It's your sexual resume, of sorts.

Some think that women with high numbers are sluts and guys with high numbers are players. Are these labels fair? Is there such as a thing as having too high a number?

When I asked one woman what she would think of a 21-year-old female that's been with 20 guys, she answered in one simple word -- skank.

Wow, really? So if 20 is too high a number, what's the number that separates skank from normal? Three? Fifteen?

Perhaps it's not a matter of numbers, but a matter of frequency. If you have sex with multiple partners in a short span of time, is that when you approach skank status? And if so, then what's the frequency and time span? I mean one off-the-hook weekend in Vegas can satisfy that requirement right there! See what a quagmire this whole numbers thing can be?

Is it acceptable for men to have higher numbers than women, even at the same age? Every woman I asked said that although it isn't fair, it is acceptable, and actually expected, for men to have higher numbers than women. Gotta love that double standard, huh?

In the end, numbers don't mean anything anyway because you'll never get the truth, especially from women. No matter how promiscuous you KNOW they are, you'll get the 'ol, "Psh! I can count the number of guys I've been with on one hand!" Yeah right. Last time I checked there weren't too many 18-fingered women running around. Girls drop their numbers while men round theirs up.

You shouldn't be revealing your sex history anyway. Your numbers are personal. They're not for bragging. Reporting your true numbers will just open yourself up to scrutiny and judgment. No good can come of it, unless you don't mind being placed in the "double condom required" category. Yeah, I didn't think so.

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