Who Are The 40-Year-Old Virgins?

Contrary to what you’ve seen on DVD, 40-year-old virgins aren’t hairy, awkward, endearing action figure collectors who work in electronic stores. A recent study of 7,000 people discovered the traits real middle-aged virgins tend to possess.

Almost 14 percent of the men said they were still virgins, while almost 9 percent of the women said the same. Men were five times more likely to be virgins if they attended church at least once a week, and women were almost four times as likely if they were regular churchgoers.

Compared to non-virgins, male and female virgins were unlikely to have taken a swig of beer in the last year. Women with college degrees had a greater likelihood of being virgins than women who hadn’t earned a bachelor’s degree. Men who were enlisted in the military or incarcerated were less likely to be 40-year-old virgins than those who hadn’t had the same experience.

The study, which was led by urologist Michael Eisenberg of the University of California, San Francisco, also found that gay men were 11 times more likely to be middle-aged virgins than heterosexuals. And lesbians were six times more likely than their heterosexual peers to say they’re virgins. Black men and women were significantly more likely to be non-virgins than any other ethnic group.

The survey also found that weight, income, and health had no bearing on virginity in men or women. [Impact Lab]

So just by looking at this study, I, as a non-virgin, should be a beer drinking, uneducated, heterosexual sinner? That sounds about right. 

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