You'll Probably Get a Tapeworm

Do you eat meat medium to rare? Does your dog have fleas? A questionnaire lets you know your likelihood of getting a tapeworm - and chances are it's pretty high

Great news! Between boiling your spinach (e-coli) and swearing off peanut butter (salmonella) there exists a whole new super-terrifying thing you didn't even know you needed to be worried about: tapeworms.

If tapeworms seem like a cartoony affliction, it's probably because you're as uninformed as we are about them. (Like, if you swallow one -- like Kelly from The Office -- will you lose weight because the tapeworm eats your food?) So we were intrigued about a quiz that's gaining momentum in the blogosphere.

"What are your chances of getting a tapeworm?" asks a series of questions, some of which refer to habits we never knew had anything to do with tapeworms like, Have you ever seen a cockroach in your home? Does your dog ever have fleas? How often do you eat salmon? (Salmon? Uh, three times a week. Gulp.) We'd encourage people not to get their medical information from an online quiz, but it still makes for a compelling waste of two minutes of your day. Worth it, if only for the graphic of a tapeworm in a cowboy hat.

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