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2nd Group of Cuban Migrants Stuck in Costa Rica Flown Out



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    Cuban migrants are reflected in the window of a nun's jeep, as they gather round for free breakfast items, near the immigration office in Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015. More than 1,000 Cuban migrants heading north to the United States tried to cross the border from Costa Rica into Nicaragua, causing tensions to soar between the neighbors as security forces sought to turn them back. Nicaragua's government responded furiously on Sunday with a statement saying that Costa Rica "had deliberately and irresponsibly thrown, and continues to throw" the Cuban migrants into its territory, violating its national sovereignty.

    A second group of Cuban migrants has resumed traveling through Central America toward the United States after being stuck for months when Nicaragua closed its border to them.

    The 180 migrants flew Thursday night from Costa Rica to El Salvador, where they continued north by land. Guatemalan human rights officials were accompanying the Cubans on Friday to Mexico.

    There they were to be given transit visas to travel to the United States, where unique policies for Cubans let those who reach American soil stay and enjoy other benefits.

    Nearly 8,000 Cuban migrants got stuck in Costa Rica after Nicaragua began refusing passage to them Nov. 14.

    Authorities airlifted a first group of Cubans past Nicaragua in January in a pilot program that is now being repeated for the rest.

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