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1 Injured Dog Found, 1 Dog Still Missing For Family

Misha was found in a road by an animal rescuer over the weekend and taken to a North Opa-Locka firehouse



    South Florida Family's Dog Found, One Dog Still Missing

    One of Patrick Orlando's missing dogs has been found. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012)

    More than a month after she was taken from her owners' car, Misha is back home.

    She's injured, but is quickly adjusting to her old life ... in a new way.

    "She's with us so I know we're going to take care of her and she's going to be okay," Jennifer Orlando said. "I know that she's going to be okay."

    "I kind of had a different feeling when I saw her," her husband Patrick said. "I was happy to see her, but she's blind in one eye, she has broken legs and a broken pelvis."

    Owner of Stolen Dogs "Very Glad" To See Them in Video

    [MI] Owner of Stolen Dogs "Very Glad" He Saw Them in South Beach Cell Phone Video
    Patrick Orlando said he's "very glad" he saw his stolen dogs alive, even if just in a cell phone video. He said he's certain the dogs who two men are trying to sell in the South Beach video are his.
    (Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012)

    This weekend, Misha was found in the road by an animal rescuer and taken to a North Opa-Locka firehouse – about 16 miles from where she was taken. From there, she went to the Broward Humane Society where an employee recognized Misha from news coverage and flyers.

    VIDEO: Owners Search For Two Dogs Stolen From Parked Car

    Patrick Orlando was praying the call wasn't another false lead. A week after the dogs were taken, a passerby took a video of two men trying to sell two dogs Orlando said were his in Miami Beach. Those two men were never found with the dogs after that.

    But at the humane society, his waiting paid off.

    "She runs to me on three legs," he said. "I picked her up and 100 percent it was Misha, so – a lot of emotions. So many emotions I was almost a deer in headlights."

    Misha was taken, along with her father Bianco, from a Publix parking garage in Brickell while their owners made a quick stop at the grocery store.

    Since then, the Orlandos have printed thousands of flyers trying to bring the dogs home. They've followed up on dozens of tips. Luckily, one is home, but their fight isn't over.

    "Please help us to find the other one because we're not complete, the family's not complete without him," Jennifer said. "We're going to look for him. We are not going to stop."

    The Orlando family is still offering a $3,000 reward for Bianco's return home. Misha was found in North Opa-Locka, so Bianco may also be in that area. If you know anything, call Patrick Orlando at 305-432-2218 or email BiancoAndMisha@gmail.com.

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