Security Guard Shoots Panhandler Near Downtown Miami Metromover

A security guard shot a panhandler near the downtown Miami Metromover early Thursday after the panhandler refused to exit the train and attacked the guard, officials said.

Miami-Dade Police said the panhandler was on the Metromover near the school board station located at 50 Northeast 15th Street when a security guard told him to move.

The panhandler got off the train, but got back on. The security guard again told him to move, and police said the panhandler became violent and bit and attempted to choke the guard.

The security guard shot the panhandler. The panhandler was transported to Ryder Trauma Center and taken into surgery. His current condition is not known.

The security guard was also hurt and taken to the hospital, but the extent of those injuries is not immediately known.

"There are a lot of bums around here. They ride the train a lot. They start riding in the morning, like when the first train runs. I've never seen violence like that. I have seen some crazies, but not violent," said Robert Carroll, who rides the Metromover daily.

Officials said the guard works for 50 State Security, a private firm that provides security at Metromover stations. The company has not commented on the shooting.

Metromover service was interrupted in the morning, but resumed after police cleared the area.

MDPD is investigating the incident.

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