100-Year-Old WWII Holocaust Survivor Becomes US Citizen

A 100-year-old Holocaust survivor became a United States citizen Friday.

Menia Perelman was born in Romania a century ago- she survived the Holocaust during World War II.

"I am Jewish, my name is Perelman and went through many difficult times so many years," Perelman said.

But today Perelman is becoming a U.S. Citizen.

"I am free and I am safe and that's the most important today," Perelman said.

Perelman was joined by four generations: her two daughters and their husbands, her granddaughter and her husband, and Perelman's six-month old great-granddaughter.

She's been living in South Florida as a legal resident since 2003, but is now taking the oath.

"I want to vote now in the elections," Perelman explained.

When asked who she is voting for Perelman said, "I will tell you but- Hillary."

When Perelman left Romania, she moved to Panama then Peru and later Venezuela. Today people from those countries and many others also became American citizens.

Now Perelman will freely and safely celebrate Chabad, her Jewish heritage, Friday with her family- all four generations.

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