Ron DeSantis

103-Year-Old Anti-Semitism Fighter Awarded Medal of Freedom by Gov. DeSantis

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Governor Ron DeSantis recognized 103-year-old Benjamin Ferencz at an awards ceremony at Florida Atlantic University this afternoon, where he also spoke about anti-semitism.

Ferencz was an investigator of Nazi war crimes after World War II and a chief prosecutor for the U.S. Army.

Ferencz took the opportunity to speak before the crowd to say it’s up to the new generation to make sure we no longer live in danger and also about the Russia-Ukraine war.“

My hope was that we can create a more humane and peaceful world where no one would be killed or persecuted because of his race or his religion or his political belief,” Ferencz said. “We have got to learn to detest settling your disputes by killing a bunch of people who had nothing to do with it.”

Ferencz ended his speech with a slogan he’s used throughout his career… “law not war” and “never give up.”

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