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Man Arrested for Punching Woman Over Bread

Battle over bread sample lands man in jail



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    Loaf of Sliced, Grain Bread

    Freshly baked bread is good, but not that good.

    A South Florida man finds himself on the hot stove after he allegedly attacked an elderly woman over a free bread sample in a local Publix.

    Steven Weiner, 33, was arrested and charged with battery on an elderly person, the Palm Beach Post reported.

    The bread battle occurred on Sunday at a Publix in Jupiter.

    According to the police report, Weiner was standing behind the elderly woman in a line to get bread at the bakery when he claims the woman called him an idiot.

    Those bakery samples can go quickly, but just like in baking, patience is a virtue.

    Weiner didn't like the idiot comment and decided to take a piece of dough and throw it at the woman.

    Publix employees told police Weiner appeared to be one slice short of a full loaf.

    He pushed the elderly woman out of the way to get to the free bread and then punched her in her arm, which was already in a sling, several witnesses said.

    Weiner also allegedly punched another man in the face, who was a friend of the elderly woman.

    Good thing there is plenty of bread - and water - in jail.