Little Havana

12 Apartment Units, 25 Residents Affected in Little Havana Fire

One couple dangled their child out the window so it could breath as smoke filled the apartment

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A fire that began on the third floor of a Little Havana apartment complex spread to at least 25 units, forcing residents to scramble out of the building as they tried to escape the fumes inside.

More than 50 firefighters responded to the scene at Miami River View Apartments on Northwest 27th Avenue and 14th street, where they were able to extinguish the fire in about 15 minutes.

Although the fire was contained to one unit, according to firefighters, about 12 apartments were affected overall, and smoke and water damage is extensive.

Two residents had to be taken to the hospital, one for smoke inhalation and the other because they jumped out of a 3rd floor window, according to firefighters.

Firefighters at the scene said at least 12 apartments at the Little Havana complex filled with smoke. Two people were taken to the hospital.

"Me and my aunt stuck our heads out," said Rose Iglesias, a resident of the 3rd floor apartment that caught fire. "Smoke was coming out, I couldn't breathe, my aunt couldn't breathe."

Firefighters told NBC 6 that upon arrival at the complex, they found residents poking their heads out of the window.

One couple even dangled their child out the window so it could breath as smoke filled the apartment.

"They were coughing," said Angel Lima, another resident of the complex who had made it outside when he saw the family in crisis in the window. "The dad said he was going to throw him at me, and I was going to catch him."

Fortunately, firefighters arrived in that moment, and helped the couple and child out of the building on a ladder. Several other residents had to be rescued from windows via ladders.

Five people were tended to by medics at the scene, including the two who were sent to the hospital.

According to firefighters, all residents should be able to go back to their apartments tonight, with the exception of those in the 3rd floor apartment where the fire started.

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