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911 Call Details Toddler Shooting Mom

Police release 911 call of shooting involving a toddler



    911 Call Released in Toddler Shoots Mom Case

    The 911 call related to the case of a toddler who allegedly shot his mother was released by police. (Published Tuesday, April 26, 2011)

    A momentary lapse in attention was all it took for a toddler to grab a loaded gun and fatally shoot his mother, a 911 call of the incident revealed Monday.

    According to a man identified in the call as the 2-year-old boy's father, the boy grabbed the hand gun and before the man could get it away from the inquisitive child, the toddler had pulled the trigger.

    The bullet hit Julia Bennett in the back, killing the 33-year-old Miramar woman.

    "The little boy take it up off the ground. He squeeze it and he shot his mom," the unidentified man told a 911 operator on April 20. "I was trying to take the gun from him. I can’t believe it."

    Police have not charged anyone with a crime in the incident, but the man, who police said has a concealed weapons permit and lawfully owned the gun, seems to admit he made a mistake by leaving the gun out.

    He told the operator he thought the gun wasn't loaded. Police said the gun was a 9MM semi-automatic.

    "It never been shot," he is recorded saying. "Why did I put myself in this spot?"

    Bennett was still alive during the emergency call, but stopped breathing by the time police arrived, the caller told the operator.

    The boy is now with Bennett's family. The man has been questioned by police and submitted to a gun residue test to determine if the toddler really fired the weapon.

    The results have not been released.