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Teen Whips Marlins Pres in Free Throw Contest

Samson made only four of 10 free throws



    A Miami high school student shows the Florida Marlins president that he should stick to baseball. (Published Tuesday, June 7, 2011)

    Now that Shaquille O'Neal has retired from the NBA, maybe Florida Marlins president David Samson can take his place as the worst free throw shooter in sports.

    Samson's lack of touch was great news for students at Miami Central High School on Monday because with every brick, the school won an iPad.

    Samson, who wore a Miami Heat jersey with the No. 91 on it and the name "Sparky" on the back, only made four out of 10 free throws in a packed high school gym. Clearly, he should stick to his day sport.

    A major assist should go to ninth-grader Anthony Young, who challenged Samson to a free throw shooting contest during a Teach America event last week.

    During the event Samson was using baseball and basketball statistics to teach a math class. When Young asked Samson if he was good at basketball, the bet formed. 

    “He [Samson] is a good guy trying to help us get educated. We are here to show everyone we can do it, and a lot of people are helping to motivate us,” Young said. “Not everyone can get this chance, I was lucky. The main goal is to get your education first, then get a job and keep it.”

    Miami Central recently raised its school grade from an "F" to a "C," and officials hope the new technology from the Marlins will help students excel even more.

    Samson said he chose Young as his opponent because he’s a good kid who studies hard.

    If Samson won, Young and 10 of his classmates would have to write a book report over the summer. If Young prevailed, the school would get iPads and Young would get a VIP trip to a Marlins game.

    For every free throw Samson missed, the Marlins Community Foundation donated an iPad to the school’s library. But Samson was so bad, he decided to kick in three more iPads.

    Young, who made six free throws, also got his own iPad.

    Glad to see Samson is not a sore loser.

    “This school is a great school," Samson said. "Our future is these kids and anything we can do to help them, we should.”