13-Year-Old Girl Sold for Sex Hundreds of Times by Sex Traffickers: Police

The victim was given the nickname "breadwinner" by the alleged sex traffickers who prostituted her.

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A 13-year-old runaway from Tamarac fell into the wrong crowd, as she was forced to have sex with over a hundred men in a matter of weeks, police say. The victim was given the nickname "breadwinner" by the alleged sex traffickers who prostituted her.

The teenager told investigators she had ran away from home in May of this year because she was bored, according to a criminal complaint from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida.

Soon after running away, the teenager says she met a woman by the name of Suprah, later identified as Souprina Blanc by law enforcement. Suprah would prostitute the 13-year-old twice, including one time with a man in his 50s.

Later, the teenager met a woman named Racquel Lavette Bijou, who asked the minor if she wanted to make money. The victim assumed she would make money by helping Bijou with her tattoo work, but found out Bijou wanted the victim to prostitute herself, according to the complaint.

Bijou allegedly arranged for the girl to meet with men for sex.

The girl lied about her age to Bijou, telling her she was 17, the complaint says, and Bijou told the girl to tell everyone she was 21.

The teen told investigators she engaged with sex as directed because she had no money and nowhere to go.

One night in June, Bijou told the teen to take pictures of herself for potential clients. The photos were allegedly sent to Jeremiah Horenstein and posted on websites that advertise sex work.

Days after running away from home, the teenager reached out to family members - telling them she had sex with "so many people," the complaint says. The girl's relatives handed her phone records to police, who were able to determine she was in contact with the number listed on those websites.

According to the complaint, Both Bijou and Suprah were arrested by police.

The complaint suggests other minors may have been involved as well.

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