15 Cars Broken Into in Northwest Miami-Dade Condo Complex

Miami-Dade Police are investigating a string of car break-ins at a condominium complex in Northwest Miami-Dade.

More than a dozen residents at the Fontainebleau Gardens located near Northwest 7th Street and 81st Avenue woke up to the unexpected situation, realizing their cars were burglarized overnight.

“It’s a problem for everybody living here,” said Jose Betancourt, a victim.

Outraged victims assessed the damage and then advised neighbors their cars were also vandalized. Most driver’s side windows were smashed and at least one airbag was stolen.

“They stole someone’s iPad, one woman left her credit cards and they took them, too,” said Betancourt.

Residents in the neighborhood say that this isn’t the first time they’ve heard of a burglary in the parking lot.

“A few months ago, they stole a neighbor’s motorcycle,” said Roland Hernandez, another victim.

NBC 6 cameras saw a security guard on the property. However, residents question how safe the condominium complex really is if at least 15 cars were vandalized.

Residents told NBC 6 they want answers and plan to speak to someone at the management office on Monday as soon as it opens on Monday.

All victims filed police reports with Miami-Dade Police. Officials confirmed they are investigating.

NBC 6 contacted the condominium’s management office and received no response.

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