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Man Sprays Weed Killer on Neighbor’s Bird: Cops

Port St. Lucie man allegedly sprayed a macaw worth $5,000 with weed killer, according to authorities



    Man Sprays Weed Killer on Neighbor’s Bird: Cops
    A man was arrested Monday after he allegedly sprayed weed killer on a neighbor's bird, police said.

    A Port St. Lucie man was arrested after police said he sprayed weed killer on a neighbor’s $5,000 bird.

    Joseph Pacheco, 59, faces charges of cruelty to animals and burglary, the Port St. Lucie Police told the TC Palm.

    Pacheco’s 45-year-old neighbor told police Pacheco would always complain that the birds made too much noise and even called animal control several times to complain, according to reports.

    The neighbor said he received a call from his 10-year-old daughter Monday afternoon who said she saw Pacheco reach through a hole in the patio screen and spray something on one of the birds, police said.

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    According to reports, the macaw that was allegedly sprayed is worth $5,000 but police said they did not know whether the weed killer could hurt or kill the bird.

    Pacheco was released Monday from the St. Lucie County jail on $15,750 bond, jail officials said.

    He could not be immediately reached for comment.