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19-Year-Old Accused of Carjacking Uber Driver Outside Mount Sinai Medical Center

Edward Vincent Milo, of Miami, was arrested Monday and faces charges of carjacking.

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A 19-year-old is behind bars Tuesday after police say he carjacked his Uber driver outside of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Edward Vincent Milo, of Miami, was arrested Monday and faces charges of carjacking.

According to an arrest report, officers say the Uber driver picked up Milo outside of the hospital at around 4:45 p.m. A witness — who told officers he was a longtime friend of Milo's — was also inside the car at the time and had added Mount Sinai as a stop in his Uber route after Milo told him he needed a ride, the report read.

As the Uber driver started driving towards the hospital exit, Milo started repeatedly punching the side of her face, the report read. As she attempted to block the hits, Milo removed her seatbelt and pushed her out of the vehicle while it was still in motion, police said.

Milo then got into the driver's seat and started driving off, and the witness managed to escape through the front passenger exit while Milo was still driving, the report said.

Security guards at Mount Sinai then contacted Miami police, who were able to track down the vehicle's movement and location using the witness' Uber app since the driver's purse and phone were still in the car.

Police say Milo was recently admitted into Mount Sinai but did not say what for. The driver was moderately injured in the face but was cleared by medical personnel at the hospital.

During the investigation, Miami Beach police found a motorcyclist down on the I-95 south ramp, which led to detectives finding the Uber driver's vehicle, abandoned, in the 1300 block of South Dixie Highway. They located Milo hours later in the same area, the report said.

Milo remains in jail Wednesday on a $10,000 bond for the carjacking charges. Attorney information was not available.

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