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4 Injured After Car Crashes Into Fort Lauderdale Restaurant



    Four people were reportedly injured after a car crashed into a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale Thursday. NBC 6's Justin Finch has the story. (Published Thursday, June 12, 2014)

    Four people were injured when a Honda Accord slammed into the Heart Rock Sushi Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale Thursday afternoon.

    “I thought something, bombing, you know,” said Heart Rock owner Ann Yamusenor.

    The white Honda slammed into the front of the restaurant, knocking down a handicap sign before toppling tables and hitting a column. The car ended up completely inside the restaurant. The four people injured included two patrons and two staffers of the restaurant.

    “By the time I got in there, everyone was already laying on the floor,” said witness Jackson Procia. “There wasn’t really too many people hurt, thank God. Only three or four of them that I seen hurt.”

    Procia said the two patrons who were injured had a baby in a stroller with them. He said quacking thinking on the part of the parents saved the child.

    “The guy that was with the baby said he kind of like pushed it as the car was coming,” Procia said. “So he kind of rolled out of the way. Baby was fine though, no crying or nothing.”

    The driver of the Honda didn’t give his name to reporters, but blamed the wreck on car trouble.

    “I just run out,” the unnamed driver said. “I couldn’t steer it. I couldn’t stop what happened.”

    Police said they’re looking at the car to see what went wrong with the vehicle. The restaurant was working to clean-up the mess and said it will reopen soon.

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