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Toddler Takes Bus Ride of His Life

2-year-old takes a ride on a Miami-Dade County bus



    Toddler Takes Bus Ride of His Life
    Jackell, the 2-year-old who took a bus ride in Miami-Dade.


    An adventurous young Miami boy who wanted to see the South Florida sights got a little more than he bargained for Thursday when he hopped on a bus unbeknownst to his caretaker.

    Meet little Jackell. The 2-year-old pulled a fast one Thursday when he somehow got away from his guardian and decided to go on a 30-minute joyride on a Miami-Dade transit bus, sending his family into a frenzy.

    "I was real scared, panicked, nervous. About to go crazy," said Jackell’s grandmother Vache Davis.

    "I was ready to get on the bus and I see the little kid come out in front of me and he gets on the bus," said passenger Edgar Hurtado.

    He didn’t think anything of it until the bus nearly cleared out after several stops.

    "Nobody was related to the kid, including myself. I started looking around to the back of the bus and I didn't see nobody," Hurtado said.

    So he stepped up and alerted the driver.

    "I told the bus driver ‘listen, I think we got a kid by himself riding the bus’ and he says ‘what!’” Hurtado recounted.

    The driver called police, who showed up to rescue the brave boy and reunited him with relatives.

    "I'm just glad he's ok," Davis said.

    In a lighthearted moment after the reunion, relatives joked maybe they'll get little Jackell a toy bus for Christmas, since he seems to be so fascinated with buses.