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2 Armed Teens Stole PlayStation 5 From Offer Up Seller in Oakland Park: BSO

Two 16-year-olds are accused of one armed robbery and may be involved in more

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Two 16-year-old boys are being held in the Broward County Jail without bond, accused of arranging to meet the seller of a PlayStation 5 and then robbing him at gunpoint, and it may not be their first time.

The seller posted the video game console for sale on Offer Up for $750. An account-holder using the name “Dexter Mark” offered to buy it.

Bryce D'Wayne McFadden and Jaquan Wayne McFadden met the seller April 12 in Oakland Park, according to the arrest report.

Broward Sheriff's Office
Bryce D'Wayne McFadden and Jaquan Wayne McFadden

The seller’s sister drove him to the meeting but when he got out of the car one of the two teens grabbed at the PlayStation 5. The seller wouldn’t let go so the other teen pulled out a gun and struck the seller on the head, the report stated.

The seller fell to the ground and the two teens ran off with the gaming console, the report said. The victim’s sister saw them speed away in a white car.

Three days earlier, a pair of running shoes posted on Offer Up were stolen at gunpoint by four males in Plantation and they drove off in a white Dodge Charger. The account-holder's name was “Johnny,” police said.

That account was traced to a woman in Coconut Creek. She is the mother of Bryce McFadden. She also has a connection to a white Dodge Charger that was reported stolen, detectives said.

Police linked her son to the Charger when Bryce McFadden got a traffic ticket in September in Fort Lauderdale.

The Play Station 5 seller who was robbed was able to identify Bryce and Jaquan McFadden from a photo line-up.

Both teenagers were booked in the jail Tuesday. Bryce McFadden lived in Coconut Creek but Jaquan McFadden was brought to Broward from his home in Fort Pierce.

Both are charged as adults with armed robbery in Broward County and are being investigated for a similar armed robbery in St. Lucie County.

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