2 Arrested in ‘Love Triangle' Murder of South Florida Woman

A South Florida woman was found murdered in the Panhandle and now two people are in custody for the crime that authorities say was connected to some kind of love triangle.

The body of 30-year-old Aileen Seiden was discovered on the side of the road in Franklin County on April 23, deputies said. Two days later, Zachary Abell and Christina Araujo were arrested in the killing.

Authorities said the trio was driving from Texas to their apartment building in North Miami when they stopped at a lodge in Eastpoint. There was an altercation in a room and Seiden was beaten to death before her body was dumped on a roadway, authorities said.

"It’s some kind of a love triangle,” Franklin County Sheriff A.J. "Tony" Smith told the Miami Herald. "We believe the male suspect may have been involved with both women. We know he’s abused both women in the past. He’s a real low-life, a thug."

All three worked for Abell’s used-car company and car insurance business, Abell Automotive, the Herald reported.

Abell and Araujo are charged with second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

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