2-Century Sentence for Orlando Tax Evasion

An Orlando business man will spend the next three or four lifetimes in prison thinking about robbing the IRS

Talk about your bad day at the office.

An Orlando business man was sentenced Tuesday to 221 years in prison by a federal judge for withholding millions of dollars from the IRS. Frank Amodeo, 48, was the head of a private equity firm that purchased distressed companies and handled their payroll debt.

Only Amodeo decided to pocket all of the employee withholding taxes, a total of about $182 million that would have gone to the IRS. We figure the judge calculated it would take about two centuries for Amodeo to pay off his debt to the government.

What's more amazing than the lengthy prison sentence is the fact that Amodeo agreed to a plea deal by copping to the five felony counts. So we wonder what would have been his punishment? A millennium in prison?

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