2 Miami-Dade Metro PCS Stores Robbed at Gunpoint

Two Metro PCS armed robberies have happened just days apart in South Florida and the owners of both stores believe it is the same suspect.

The most recent robbery happened Tuesday morning around opening time when a man casually walked into a Metro PCS store off of 143rd Street and S. Dixie Highway in Miami-Dade posing as a customer.

"He showed his phone and then he said he wanted to make a payment," store owner Victor Fuentes said.

Seconds later, he pulled out a gun, and demanded the employee to take him to the safe. The employee cooperated and the suspect made it out with about $400 cash.

"Thank God our employees took the situation like professionals," Fuentes said.

Two days earlier, at a different Metro PCS store less than five miles away, a man wearing a black sweater and cap shopped around for minutes. Employees said he then left, waited for other customers to head out, and came back.

Employees said he pulled out a gun and asked for money. Surveillance cameras captured the armed robber locking two employees into a bathroom. He then took about $1,000 from the safe and asked the employees to count to 30 before walking out.

The Metro PCS store owners said the suspects avoided leaving finger prints as much as possible. They believe their stores can often be easy targets because there are no contracts, and cash deals.

Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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