$2 Million of Marijuana Found on Boat Washed Ashore in Palm Beach

Boat carried 80 -100 bricks of marijuana estimated at $20,000 each

A boat that washed ashore Wednesday morning in Palm Beach had nearly $2 million worth of marijuana on board, police said.

The 22-foot, vacant boat was docked across from the Palm Beach Country Club and spotted by firefighters passing by around 6:30 a.m., Palm Beach Police spokesman Fred Hess told the Palm Beach Post.

After inspecting the boat, police found between 80 to 100 bricks of marijuana bundled up inside. According to Hess, each bundle could be worth up to $20,000, a total of around $2 million dollars.

Police also found tracks in the sand from the boat.

Hess told the Post that police have taken a Fort Lauderdale man into custody, but the man denied any involvement with the boat and claimed he was walking on the beach after an argument with his wife.

A police dog and helicopter were searching the area for any suspects early Wednesday.

Border Patrol agents will interview the man, and the boat will be towed to the Coast Guard Station, Hess said.

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