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Clerk Shoots at 3 in Broward County Food Mart

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is after a known ex-convict who was working at a Fort Lauderdale food mart where he allegedly opened fire on two brothers and a teenage girl Thursday night.

According to the BSO, Omar Ayyash, 26, saw Drakaar and Zkhan Allen walk into the store with a 17-year-old girl. While the brothers were in the store, Ayyash became upset with the group and a fight escalated quickly.

Investigators said Ayyash fired several shots at the trio as they ran away from the store before he took off.

“They have the handgun and they know who the suspect, the store clerk is,” said Dani Moshella of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. “They were at his home, his family knows we’re looking for him.”

BSO said Ayyash is well-known to law enforcement. Ayyash was arrested just two weeks ago for violating his probation. He’s been arrested in the past year on charges of battery, resisting an officer with violence and drugs.

BSO said when he is arrested; he will likely be facing attempted murder charges after what happened at the food mart in unincorporated Broward County. While neither of the targets were seriously injured, their mother, Tremetria Allen wants Ayyash behind bars.

“They could’ve been dead, especially the one who had the bullet graze his chin. That could’ve hit him in the head easily, he needs to be caught,” Allen said. “I feel intimidated, how could he just vanish? Someone knows what happened. That was a violent crime, my sons are still shook up.”

Two of the victims were taken to Juvenile Court after they were released from the hospital due to warrants being out for their arrest. The eldest teen Drakaar Allen is facing a strong-armed robbery charge in a previous case.

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