20 Swine Flu “Suspects” in Miami

Health officials are saying symptoms of several patients match those of the potential pandemic

The swine flu may have reached South Beach.

Health officials said Wednesday that at least 20 patients have shown symptoms of the potential pandemic that has proved deadly for one person in the U.S. already.

The "suspect cases" not only show the physical symptoms, but also have another common connection - all had recently visited Mexico or have come in contact with someone who had recently been there.

Samples have been sent to test labs in Tampa and results confirming or allaying Miamians' worst fears won't be known for several days. The cases could just be people suffering from some type of seasonal flu, but any sniffle or cough these days is being treated with extra caution.

No one has been quarantined yet.

Meanwhile, the state's surgeon general has declared that the swine flu hasn't reached Florida yet, though the state has referred three suspected cases of swine flu to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta for more testing.

Dr. Ana Viamonte Ros said the state could hear back about the cases late in the afternoon or on Friday. The three cases are from Orange, Lee and Broward counties.

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