Crash Sends Vehicle Straight Into Hollywood Salon, Killing 20-Year-Old

The suspect was arrested for driving with a suspended license with knowledge, officers said

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A 20-year-old woman was killed Friday after the car she was in was t-boned and ended up crashing into a Hollywood beauty salon.

Britany Hemmings was a passenger in the vehicle her best friend was driving. Hemmings' father said his daughter was singing along to a song on the radio when the crash happened at around midnight.

"She passed away smiling," Gregory Hemmings said. "She was very joyful, she was very happy."

Officers said the crash happened at the intersection of Pembroke Road and 56th Avenue, just outside the Purple Palace Barber and Beauty Salon. According to the Hollywood Police Department, a black Dodge Charger driving southbound on 56th Avenue ran through a flashing red light on Washington Street before approaching Pembroke Road.

Before police could initiate a traffic stop, the Dodge Charger continued down 56th Avenue, colliding with a vehicle that was heading westbound on Pembroke Road. The impact from the collision pushed the victims' vehicle into the salon, forming a large hole in the wall of the building.

Connor Ivan Tyson, the driver of the Dodge Charger, was arrested for driving with a suspended license with knowledge.

Britany Hemmings is survived by her two sisters, her parents and extended family. Her friend is recovering in the hospital.

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