$2,000 Worth of Musical Instruments Stolen From Miami Church

Burglars hit up a Miami church for some high-priced items.

Around 4 Tuesday morning, the pastor at the Gospel Arena International Ministry of Miami received a call the church on 7th avenue and 75th street was broken into. The suspect smashed out the window in the front door to gain entry.

It appears the crook went straight for the musical instruments used during church services. According to a church administrator, two electronic keyboards worth $2,000 were taken. Nothing else was missing.

This is a church that prides itself on helping the community, often engaged in food and clothing give-a-ways. A parishioner, Essie Blocker calls the break in, a slap in the face.

“It makes me feel sad that someone would disrespect the Lord’s house like this and it put a dent on the church ministry here. As much as we try to reach out to the community and help someone and someone come back and do us this way,” said Blocker.

When police arrived, a K-9 officer was sent in to investigate whether the suspect was still there. The crook was long gone.

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