20,000 Bees Removed From 98-Year-Old Woman's Home

The bees built a hive in the attic and awning of the elderly woman's Cocoa Beach home.

Thousands of bees removed from an elderly woman's home in Cocoa Beach, Fla., are being moved to another location.

WESH TV reports that 20,000 bees had lived in the home of 98-year-old Sevia Moore after having built a hive in her attic and awning.

Moore said the bees didn't bother her, but when she was shown the hive she said she was stunned.

Beekeeper Leo Cross used a vacuum to gather all the bees on Saturday, collecting the huge honey comb and hive. Cross says "the honey bee population is hurting right now" and it's important to save the hive and move the bees to another location so "they can go on to reproduce."

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