Florida Keys

22 Cubans Make Landfall in Florida Keys on 2 Separate Makeshift Boats

U.S. Border Patrol

More than 20 Cuban migrants made landfall in the Florida Keys Sunday on two separate makeshift boats, authorities said.

The first group of 16 men and two women made landfall on a makeshift raft near Smathers Beach in Key West, U.S. Border Patrol officials said.

The group, who said they left Havana on Oct. 7, were taken into Border Patrol custody.

A second group of four men were taken into custody after they made landfall on a homemade vessel near Big Pine Key.

The men said they's left Cojima on Oct. 8.

"We continue to warn migrants about the dangers associated with traveling by sea. This is a dangerous journey on makeshift vessels across the Florida straits. None of the vessels were equipped with safety gear or life jackets," Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Adam Hoffner said in a statement.

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