2nd Meeting in Overtown to Discuss Police-Involved Shooting

Officials and activists gather to discuss shooting of Decarlos Moore

A community is once again venting its anger over a controversial police-involved shooting in Miami that left a man dead.

Miami Commissioner Richard Dunn hosted a follow up town hall meeting on the shooting death of Decarlos Moore earlier this month.

Moore was driving a car on the night of July 5 when he was pulled over by officers who believed it was stolen.

With his gun drawn, rookie officer Joseph Marin ordered Moore out of the car. According to investigators, the 31-year-old complied, then started walking towards officers before inexplicably going back to the car and pulling out several items, including aluminum foil.

That's when Moore was shot in the back of the head.

Tuesday night's meeting was second, following one held a day after the shooting.

Community activists say a lack of understanding of the neighborhood by police has led to these kinds of incidents over the years.

Officer Marin remains on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

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