Donald Trump

2nd Night of Anti-Trump Protests in South Florida

For the second straight night, protesters angry over the election of Donald Trump organized in South Florida.

Men and women of all ages, backgrounds and religious beliefs took to the streets of Wynwood in protest on Saturday night.

"If and when he does take the presidency I will fully support him. said protester Rachel Canfield. "I stand by what this country is all about, but right now I'm exercising my first amendment right to let the country know that I'm dissatisfied."

Donald Trump claimed the presidency early Wednesday morning. Since then, thousands of demonstrators have turned out in Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles and New York. Despite one protester being shot in Oregon Friday and hundreds of arrests, most  protests have been peaceful.

I'm a woman; I'm a minority," said protest organizer Chelsea Hartley. "One of my best friends is Muslim and I'm terrified."

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lost the election in the electoral college, but has a lead in the popular vote of more than half a million votes and growing.

Protester Jack Lieberman says that's the problem.

"The electoral college is an antiquated, undemocratic institution," he said. "It shouldn't exist. Donald Trump kept saying it was a rigged system and in the past he condemned the electoral college, so he's a hypocrite."

Saturday's protest comes after thousands marched through the streets of Downtown Miami and halted traffic on two major highways on Friday night.

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