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2nd Woman Claims Chris Brown Assaulted Her in Miami Beach in 2020

Brown took to his Instagram story last month to send a message to his followers. "I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [CAP]," he wrote, referencing the term for lie

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A second woman has come forward alleging she was assaulted by Chris Brown in Miami Beach, days after another woman filed a lawsuit claiming she was sexually assaulted by the singer in South Florida.

Both alleged assaults took place more than a year ago, with the first woman claiming she was drugged and raped by the 32-year-old singer on a yacht that was docked near Diddy's home on Dec. 30, 2020.

Now, a second woman is alleging she was also drugged and assaulted the next day at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

Attorney Ariel Mitchell is representing both women and said they have been in contact with police.

"Unfortunately, we live in a world where time and time again, from Harvey Weinstein to Jeffery Epstein to R Kelly, we’ve seen these things happen," Mitchell said.

The first woman, identified only as Jane Doe, filed a civil suit against Brown last month.

According to the court filing, the woman, who is described as a "professional choreographer, dancer, model and musical artist" in the suit, was invited to the yacht by Brown during a FaceTime call she was having with a friend who was also aboard the ship. She claims that Brown grabbed the phone and "told her that he had heard about her music and urged her to head over to Diddy's home on Star Island as soon as possible."

Upon arrival, the woman alleges that Brown took her to the boat's kitchen and gave her a "red cup with a mixed drink."

Chris Brown is speaking out after being accused in a new lawsuit of drugging and raping a woman.

The woman claims Brown then "offered her tips about starting a career in the music industry" before filling her cup for a second time, after which she "began to feel a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness." She says in the suit that she felt "disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep."

At that time, the woman alleges in the complaint, Brown took her to a bedroom and raped her. She claims that the R&B star ignored her pleas to stop and barred her attempts to leave the room.

After the alleged sexual assault, the woman says that Brown grabbed her phone and texted himself so she would have his number. She says she left the yacht soon afterward, but that Brown allegedly texted her the following day and "demanded" that she take Plan B to "terminate any possible pregnancy."

The woman said she bought the morning-after pill at a pharmacy and took it.

The lawsuit claims the woman suffered "substantial, continuing, and permanent" injuries as a result of the alleged sexual assault. She is seeking $20 million for "severe emotional distress, physical manifestations of emotional distress, emotional anguish, fear, anxiety, humiliation, depression, and other physical and emotional injuries, and damages (both economic and noneconomic)" stemming from Brown's alleged conduct.

Mitchell said once the civil suit made the news, a second woman came forward saying she too was on the yacht that same day and met up with Brown the next day at the Fontainebleau Hotel, where she says Brown assaulted her.

"Our client, and I will use her words, she just wants to ensure this doesn’t happen to another lady," Mitchell said, adding that she also intends to file a lawsuit.

NBC 6 has reached out to Brown's representatives for comment but haven't heard back.

But amid the allegations, Brown took to his Instagram story last month to send a message to his followers. "I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [CAP]," he wrote, referencing the term for lie. "Whenever I'm releasing music or projects, 'THEY' try to pull some real bulls--t."

Both women were visiting Miami when the alleged assaults occurred. One lives in Los Angeles the other in Canada.

"Hopefully in this case justice will be Chris Brown having to take accountability for his behavior and his actions," Mitchell said.

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