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3 Middle School Students Made Threats on Snapchat: Pembroke Pines PD

Three 12-year-old students attend Silver Trail Middle School, officials said

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Three middle school students have been charged after Pembroke Pines Police said they made threats on Snapchat against their school.

The three students, who attend Silver Trail Middle School, are being charged with a second-degree felony for making a written threat to do bodily harm or commit an act of terrorism, police said Monday. One of the students is also charged with conspiracy to commit a criminal offense.

The students - two 12-year-old boys and a 12-year-old girl - were charged after police were notified by the school of a Snapchat conversation between them that contained threatening messages concerning the school, officials said.

"At this time there is no active or on-going threat to Silver Trail Middle School," Pembroke Pines Police said in a statement. "Our agency has been in close contact with Broward County Public Schools during our investigation, to ensure the on-going safety of our school campuses."

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

“This situation serves as a reminder – when it comes to safety, there is no joking around,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Vickie L. Cartwright in a message to parents. “Any statement that may be interpreted as a threat including bomb threats made via phone, text, social media post or through other means will be acted on and there will be consequences, such being arrested, going to trial, and/or expulsion. We urge parents and guardians to discuss this with their children and ensure they understand how choosing to make a threat could impact their own lives.”  

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